We make our chocolate right from the cocoa beans!

Fine chocolate is much like fine wine and specialty coffee: origin and terroir produce cocoa beans with unique flavor notes. Artisan chocolate makers craft them into specialty chocolate—each one with a unique character.

We use only fine-flavor, organic, free-trade cocoa beans—very different from commodity beans used by Big Chocolate, and you’ll taste the difference. Each bean is hand-sorted to ensure only the best ones are used in our chocolate. We then gently roast the beans to bring out their unique flavor notes.

After cracking and winnowing away the husks, we stone grind the cocoa “nibs” into 100% chocolate, and then add organic cane sugar. We grind and blend until the chocolate is silky smooth and the flavors are developed.

You’ll notice that each bar is made with cocoa beans from a different origin. Each has its own unique flavor notes, so be sure to taste the differences between them!