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Tascala Artisan Chocolate

Taste the magic of our small batch, bean to bar chocolate!

If you have not yet experienced the magic of small batch, bean to bar chocolate, you are in for a treat. You never knew that chocolate could taste so good, and have so much personality. Read on to learn more, and order a few chocolate bars and taste what you’ve been missing!

If you’re already a craft chocolate connoisseur, we are confident you’ll find our chocolate to have world class quality and flavor. Find our chocolate bars here.

Artisan or “craft” chocolate is a movement to produce, enjoy, and appreciate high-quality chocolate. Rather than wolfing down a mass-produced bar, chocolate should be an artisanal food – like wine, cheese and coffee – whose enjoyment can be enhanced with greater education, connoisseurship, and sensory exploration. We seek to highlight the unique characteristics that result from the diversity of cocoa bean origins, cultivars, terroir, processing methods, roasting techniques, and other variables in chocolate preparation.

Artisan chocolate disrupts the more commodity-focused trade of mass-produced chocolates, and prioritizes taste, quality, unique flavor notes, and equitable relationships instead of low prices and standardized flavor.

The craft chocolate industry is relatively young. To put it into context, artisan chocolate is today where specialty coffee and craft beer were in the 1990s–at the cusp of widespread popularity and appreciation.

Secrets to Making the Best Chocolate

Fine chocolate is much like fine wine and specialty coffee: origin and terroir produce cocoa beans with unique flavor notes. Artisan chocolate makers craft them into specialty chocolate—each one with a unique character.